"Shanghai Living", photographies by Hu Yang
Sept. 25 - Oct. 30, 2005
Opening: Sept. 24 Evening

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This autumn Shanghart's H-Space celebrates its 1st anniversary. To this opportunity, Shanghart will present Hu Yang's documenation of "shanghai families homes"

From January 2004 to February 2005, Hu Yang photographed and interviewed 500 local, migrant and foreign families living in Shanghai, including billionaires, middle-class and the poor, covering a variety of professions.

These colorful pictures show the living status and environment of the the different classes in today's Shanghai, and reflect the various social problems and contemporary features. It offers you the opportunities to fully and further explore Shanghai.

Image of "Shanghai Families"

LI You (Shanghai, Corporate Staff) I work in a foreign company. The daily work is full of stress and business. After work, I come back home and want to do nothing at all. I may spend two hours in the bathtub for relaxation, or watch a movie. I am also a part-time Internet writer.

WEI Yu Fang (Shandong, Vendor) We have miserable life. Battercake and salted vegetable for every meal, accompanied by plain water. When the kids cry for meat dishes, I just cook an egg. As long as it is not rainy, I go out and do my business 15 or 16 hours a day, getting up very early and back home very late. I hope the kids can be good at their study. Even with debts, I will send them to college, no as illiterate as I am. My oldest son works very hard and always brings back awards every semester, which makes my so happy. Some evil people often spite me on my fruit stall, and it makes me really sad.



查看所有作品: Shanghai Living 1/3, Shanghai Living 2/3, Shanghai Living 3/3

秋风席席,转眼香格纳画廊H空间已经成立1年了,借此机会,香格纳画廊带给各位观众是上海摄影家胡杨的<<上海人家>>--专题摄影集。 胡杨从2004年1月-2005年2月的14个月里拍摄采访了生活在上海的500户外国人家,外地人家和本地人家。其中有亿万富翁,中产阶级和贫困人家,以及各种职业的人家。 这些丰富多彩的照片展现了当今生活在上海的各阶层人们的生活状态和生存环境,也反映了社会的各种问题和时代特征。为观众朋友们更全面深入地了解上海提供了机会。


被访者:胡志红(上海籍 失业工人)



照片简要来源介绍: 被访者:赵静(山东籍 公司职员)