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b. 1969, works and lives in Shanghai
Wood Board, Old-fashioned Bicycle, Old House Furniture and Office Furniture, 87 Fluorescent Light Tubes in Various Length, 12 Modules, Dimensions Vary, Changeable Dimension in Exhibitions
Edition of 3

Factory is a complex of wood board "buildings", set as layout of traditional factory and imitating the look of packing cases. Every piece of furniture, all dating back to 1970s, is housed respectively by a "building" designed and constructed for its particular dimension. The corresponding relations are: 1. Auditorium/Dining Table, 2. Lodge/Chair, 3. Dormitory/Single Bed, 4. Factory Building/Double Bed, 5. Dormitory/Single Bed, 6. Chimney/Coat Hanger, 7. Office Building/Wardrobe, 8. Bicycle Shed/Bike, 9. Dining Room/Wood Tea Table, 10. Leisure Facility/Cupboard, 11. School/Writing Desk, 12. Factory Building/Wood Bench.

Artist's Statement:" Factory is a set of constructions in workplace tailor-made for furniture dating back to the period of planned economy, imitating the flavour, mode and layout of that era. The furniture is all from the artist's family and represents furnishing standard of a household at that time. The space for lost items is left correspondingly as well. Not only a positive approval of modernisation, industrialisation in construction of new Chinese socialism is also seen as conscious abandonment of traditions. Communist system of work units from Yan'an era is kept and followed here as a form of social organisation, where isomorphism between family and work unit replaces and extends the structure shared traditionally by family and the nation. "

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