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b. 1980, works and lives in Beijing

2017 ~ 2018
Oil on canvas

Current And Upcoming Exhibitions:
He Wei, ShanghART M50, Shanghai, 11.06, 2021 - 12.19, 2021
+ ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair 2021, Booth: C14, Shanghai Exhibition Center, Shanghai, 11.11, 2021 - 11.14, 2021


'In a work of art, chaos must shimmer through the veil of order.’ This is my favourite line from the German poet Novalis. I also depict the same harmony in my paintings, which is both vague and clear. I use ‘fluid colours’ and let them penetrate, flow and superimpose on the canvas to produce a very emotive picture. They are derived from my senses and feelings; sometimes I can't control my desire for clarity, and thus construct some order in this perceptual and fluid picture. I consider it a particular kind of ‘confusing certainty’.——He Wei

He Wei’s mysterious abstractions investigate interior landscapes of the mind and heart. Through a process of applying many translucent layers of oil paint onto canvases lying on the floor random expressionistic color fields are created sometimes with broken geometric structures floating on the surface. The texture and wrinkles in the canvas, and the imperfections of the floor form depressions and crevices on the painting’s surface. Using different techniques and tools He Wei applies the paint with brushes, rollers, scrapers, even watering cans, layer upon layer. The thinned oils flow onto the canvas and settle into the linen’s texture and crevices creating soft undulating colors and unexpected shapes.

He Wei’s paintings are scarred but beautiful. That can be their purpose and meaning, and that is enough. They are completely successful and satisfying in that way. But by understanding the way he works and his ultimate purpose in creating we can have a deeper appreciation for his work, life, and the world around us. The beauty in his work is transferred to our own lives through this experience. He Wei’s process of creating an artwork, mirrors his journey through life. It seeks to be honest, to find balance, to struggle with opposition, to rise above destructive forces and to use it all for the good of the whole. The process produces an art object but it is secondary to his quest to find freedom and balance in life. But we were made to create, and the work that he has produced is a worthy gift in itself, simple, beautiful, and true.

He Wei was born in Xinjiang in 1980 and graduated from Sichuan academy of Fine Arts, Oil Painting Department in 2005. He currently lives and works in Beijing. Recent solo exhibitions include: Dual Solo Exhibition of HE Wei & TANG Maohong, ShanghART Beijing (2019); “Primary Colour”, C-Space, Beijing (2016); “Contradiction”, Telescope, Beijing (2015); “Place Beyond Touch”, ART SEASONS, Beijing (2010).


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