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As Seen 1

Author/Editor: Karen Smith As Seen 1
Publisher: Beijing World Publishing Cooperation
Publish Date: 2011
ISBN: 978-7-5100-4499-1 978-7-5100-4499-1
Page Num: 234
Languages: Chinese
This book introduces a selection of great—if not allseminal—artworks that were exhibited in China in 2011. It includesa number of artists who are respected within the community, as wellas being considered famous. But As Seen does not seek to dedicateits coverage of art to China's most recognised artists. Several ofthose included here are young, but nevertheless it is clear fromthe work they produced in 2011, it won't be long before theycommand similar fame and respect; if, that is, they can sustain thequality of their work. That last caveat is an important one when itcomes to the mission this book has set itself. As Seen is not aboutpromoting the hottest or most influential artists of the moment. Itis, in short, about the art—or, in response to Tracey Emin—theseminal works for which these Chinese artists would be rememberedif they died tomorrow.
Series: 001666
Code: J0-B
Location: BJ
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