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Getting to Know Suzhou Creek Aritsts

Author/Editor: XUE Hongyan
Publisher: Shanghai People Publishing, Shanghai, China
Publish Date: 2005
ISBN: 720805682X
Page Num: 218
Languages: Chinese
The purpose of this book is to encourage appreciation and understanding of Chinese contemporary art through the stories of Lorenz, owner of Shanghart Gallery, and nine Chinese artists who work in a warehouse in No. 50 Moganshan Road near Suzhou Creek, Shanghai. Artist biographies are provided in the book. Please note that some texts are provided in Chinese and English.
Chapter Heading/s:
Part One: The Person, The Works
Pulsatile Calm, Never Stop - Ding Yi and His Fable of "Shishi"
Leading Familiar Contents to Unfamiliar Fields - Wang Xingwei's Conception of Artistic Creation
The Plus and Minus Rule of "Point and Line", Whole Life of "Behavior Art" - Qu Fengguo's Life Scripts
Sexuality Beauty is Exhalant Breath - Chen Qiang and His Fashion Paintings
Human. Tree. Container - Zhang Enli and "The World Matters"
I Want Others to Believe That My Art is Real - Zhou Tiehai's Art Dimensionality
The Life Painting Language of Shanghai - Xu Weiqiang and His "Deconstructionist Art"
The Oldest, The Most Fashionalbe - Han Feng's Creation Space
Frankness Connects History and Contemporary Era - Xue Song and "Chinese Problems"
Walking Up to the World Stage with Chinese Contemporary Artists - Lorenz and Chinese Contemporary Art
Part Two: The Person, The Words
The Art Space Besides "Shishi" - Ding Yi and His Sideline
Same Starting Point, Different Meanings - Talk from Wang Xingwei's Creation Variability
Life's Point Starting from Childhood - Qu Fengguo Talks about the Future of Suzhou Creek
Former Contents, Nowadays Meanings - Zhang Enli's Fragment
West. I. China - Zhou Tiehai's Language Meaning Space of Two-way Art
Let it Go by Itself, Try Your Best to Live - Xu Weiqiang's Art Notes
Success, is My Own Business - Han Feng's Conception of Art and Education
Enthusiastic "Three Fires" Will Continue - Xue Song and the Story of "Fire"
Shanghai, The Dream of Future - Lorenz and I Talk about Shanghai
Series: 000087
Code: J12-B
Location: WB-2-13C
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