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Zhang Peili and Zhu Jia: "South Zhang and North Zhu"
Group Exhibition Today Art Museum, Beijing
Date: 08.12, 2010 - 09.07, 2010

Artists: ZHU Jia 朱加 | 

Photography and video, the two main media in the contemporary art,was introduced in the 1970s by the western artists and became a worldwide trend in the 1990s.

Zhang Peili and Zhu Jia are among the earliest artists in China to explore photography and video. Actively involved with the shift of China’s reality and taking the advantage of the introduction of new media prompted by the economic boom, they have developed their highly personal and insightful artistic visions and position. Some of the most remarkable works in the recent Chinese art scene are produced by these two artists.

The two founders of China’s video art are usually called "South Zhang and North Zhu"(Nan Zhang Bei Zhu), which refers that Zhang lives in Hangzhou, one of the most important economic and cultural center in South China, Hangzhou, and Zhu lives in Beijing, the economic and cultural center in the North.

This is the first joint exhibition of the two pioneer artists. The communication between them will provide a brand new point of view for China’s contemporary video art. This exhibition will unfold and witness together with the audients the changes in Chinese society and the development of Chinese contemporary art.

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