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Ouyang Chun - Frieze Art Fair London 2016, Booth Nr. A14
Group Exhibition Art Fairs London, U.K.
Date: 10.05, 2016 - 10.09, 2016

Artists: OUYANG Chun 欧阳春 | 

ShanghART Gallery at Frieze London 2016, Regent’s Park, London, UK
Booth A14: Ouyang Chun
Sculpture Park: Zeng Fanzhi

Oct.5 VIP preview (invitation only)
Oct.6-8, 11am-7pm
Oct.9, 11am-7pm

Ouyang Chun was born in 1974 in Beijing,  China's capital, but grew up in far away Xi'an. Today he lives and works in Beijing.
Deploying a variety of painterly techniques, Ouyang Chun’s works narrate episodes from the world he lives or he sees. Fascinated by truth and the sometimes-cruel absurdity that accompanies it, Ouyang Chun draws his primary inspiration from the contradictions and incongruities of contemporary China. Truth and fiction, the pursuit of spiritual purity mirrored in minute detail in his paintings, have rendered expressive through his brushes with his instinct and sentiment.
‘Ouyang Chun combines matters personal and general, his view of reality with a fantasy world.’ - Margrit Brehm*
The psychological depth of his painting language comes to full expression, when the fascination in the paintings becomes certain metaphors drawing from his own experience and the social context. His paintings feature his understanding of his artistic language and his quest for a formulation adequate to himself.

Ouyang Chun’s “Psychosis” series still keeps his typical style of painting. What those images have featured is the artist’s self-cognition in terms of history, memory, society, individuals and so on. They seem to be realistic but dramatic without any reasonable logic, which contributes to a sense of absurd. An imaginary space full of contradictions is thus built up. History and fiction, in the reconstructed visual effect, intrigues a conversation between viewers and the author beyond the realistic world. Infinity Column depicts the nature of various materials in the field of politics, culture, physics and function through a stainless column. It symbolizes the process of consuming of materials and life, inviting viewers to experience the sense of poetry and deterioration conveyed by the collection of objects.

*In: Painting the King, at me Collectors Room / Olbricht Foundation, Berlin and Belvedere, Vienna

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