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.zip Future Rhapsody Xiaomi · Future of Today
Group Exhibition Today Art Museum, Beijing
Date: 07.16, 2017 - 09.16, 2017

Artists: GUO Xi 郭熙 | 

In 2015, the “Future of Today Exhibition: Imaginary Future” obtained high attention. This year, the Future of Today Exhibition held by the TAM will attract attention again in July.  

The XIAOMI•Future of Today Exhibition will be themed by “.zip”. The curators will present a brand-new exhibition with the works of different artists, and through imagination, various expression formats of art will be released just like the “Big Bang” by the audience’ participation. Immersive experience, vocal and visual feast, cross-media interaction and the artistic processing of information, overlapping between virtuality and reality, interaction between human and machine, and new-media artistic works of different types will bring to the audience brand-new visiting experience – various expression formats of art will inspire people to reflect on existence and future at different dimensions of time and space.

The Future of Today Exhibition will compress all the above elements as a black hole in the universe. The immersive experience provided by the works will further combine the Exhibition with the concept of black hole, becoming the externalized carrier of the imagination of an individual or a group (senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste, etc.), and will repeatedly break and rebuild our multiplesenses perception about the same time and space (physical space) through imagination. The audience will travel through and immerse themselves in different imaginary times and spaces, extracting the zip document again.

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