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The Reenactor
Solo Exhibition Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai
Date: 09.07, 2016 - 10.30, 2016

Artists: GUO Xi 郭熙

Firstly, let us extend through the fissure of time between fiction and reality via imagination, there we shall generate a new impression and experience of things. Yet how should this mental experience at the present quietly begin under reality? Whether we will notice, those 24hr convenience stores were the spatial inventions of the space-time crossovers in the surreal? This is a line of riddle Guo Xi left us for guessing in his first solo exhibition. At the same time, the show itself will be the perfect location for the riddle to be solved.
In this exhibition,  Guo Xi started to be interested by the repetitiveness of the everyday objects and the relationships of modern humans’ physicality to the present time. In the artist’s perspective, the everyday objects in the evolving linearity of time, once produced the state of relentlessness( as if the roller of washing machine), the so-called everydayness would then be subverted (spin). Meanwhile, this subversion would strengthen its intrinsic gulfs and alienation. At this moment, the two-way dialectics of the everydayness and trans-everydayness made the artist realize the nonstop repetition of life is no more than a transcendence from the everyday life into a mental state.
Guo Xi has been exploring and extending on diverse levels about the relations between fiction and nonfiction in his previous works. In the artist’s perspective, the act of inserting an everyday public space into a gallery space by artistic techniques itself is a kind of reversion and substitution. In such a substituted space, the observer no longer needs to enter via the artworks into the artist’s perspective. Conversely, the presence would make the viewers not stickle about how the works play out, in this floating illusion, it’s more about halts and imaginations.
Perhaps on those shelves where goods are continually accumulating, just like we ourselves are adding memories mixing fiction and reality into the everyday life in which the sense of time is subtracted, Guo Xi captured the point through his acute observations, and deftly shifted the cruel side of the realness of the everyday life through a kind of humor, but what actually happened? Will those blurry, doubtful points just end up being the trap set by such fictitious scene?

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