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ShanghART Video Room | Screening | Special Invites 2: Lang Can, Yang Jian + Tang Maohong
Event ShanghART Video Room Bldg. 8, West Bund, 2555 Longteng Avenue, Xuhui District, Shanghai
Date: 06.23, 2018


Screen time: 14:00-15:40, Sat., Jun. 23, 2018
Location: ShanghART Video Room, Bldg. 8, West Bund, 2555 Longteng Avenue, Xuhui District, Shanghai

Screen List

郎粲 | Lang Can

寤寐 Waking,2018,3 channel、sound、colour  10'14''
自然冲动 Natural Impulses,2018,single channel、sound、colour 7’
最短的距离(系列) The Shortest Distance(Series),2018,12 channel,sound、colour 11'47''(in total)
ASMR(系列 Series),2018,3 channel、sound、colour  3'37''(in total)
国王的葬礼 King's Funeral,2016,single channel、sound、colour 7'41''
雌夜 Female Night,2016,single channel、sound、colour 10'29''

杨健 | Yang Jian

猪油 第一部分 Pigfat I ,2009,single channel、sound、colour,4'24''
猪油 第二部分 Pigfat II ,2009,single channel、silent、colour,11'34''
八万四千虫 84,000 Beings,2009,single channel、sound、colour,3'18''
灵魂的形状 Shape of Soul,2008-2010,single channel、sound、colour,5'49''
解码一栋建筑发出的信息 Decoding the Message from a Building,2010-2011,single channel、sound、colour,2'46''
装置表演Installation Performance 2012,double channel、sound、colour,42''(in total)
迟早闪电会击中我们每一个人 Sooner or Later, the Lightning Comes to Us All,2011-2012,video installation,single channel,sound,colour,08'46''

唐茂宏 | Tang Maohong

飞地控之械 Exclave Con-Tool,2013,single channel,sound、colour,2'32"
飞地控之循 Exclave Con-Abide,2013,single channel,sound、colour,2'32"

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