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Carte Blanche: Awkward
Group Exhibition ShanghART M50, Shanghai
Date: 12.15, 2018 - 02.13, 2019

Artists: Ding Xi, Cai Yuening, Chen Chen Chen, Chen Xin, Du Chenyan, Gu Jiatu, Huang Kui, Huang Zhe, Hu Chenyu, LiUSTU, Mu Yan, PINKEYE, Song Xi, Si Tu, Sun Wenhao, Shao Yixiao, Tang Yuzhen, Wang Jiyu, Wenjie Junjie, Wu Ye, Shu Zhang, Zhang Xun, Zhi Hao, Ash Zing {Zhang Mingshuo)

Opening:2018/12/15, 16:00
Duration:2018/12/15 - 2019/02/17(Tue.-Thu. 10:00-18:00, Fri.-Sun. 10:30-18:30, Mon. Closed)
Address:ShanghART M50, Bldg 16, 50 Moganshan Rd., Putuo District, Shanghai, China 200060 |

ShanghART M50 is pleased to present the 4th exhibition of the Carte Blanche program, Awkward, from December 15th, 2018 to February 17th 2019. This group exhibition is co-organised by ShanghART M50 and YELL Space, presenting works by artists from the 1st program of FAS project in different medium and styles. For the first time, ShanghART M50 opens three exhibition zones inside the building at the same time, which creates a circinate viewing route to challenge the traditional understanding about the main exhibition room. Works from 24 art groups will be randomly exhibited in different areas, inviting the audience to explore a wider variety of possibilities.

The exhibition title “ganga” (Awkward), which originated from Chinese south-eastern dialects with a meaning of “incomplete” or “sneaky”, gradually evolved into a common Mandarin expression. Beyond the semantic expression of its pause, buffer, transformation and adjustment, it reflects issues about capital, knowledge, authority, rebellion, and boundaries in the contemporary art world. As young artists try to pursue stable cultural identities, their art-creations are permeating with awkwardness in self-recognition. How can the new generation of artists, who are struggling at the verge of the market system, gain momentum and opportunities to take part in the ecology of the art-world.

The exhibition invites artists to start with any clues from the past, and respond to one or multiple topics about the phenomena and status of “awkwardness”. Through their responses to these problems, either confrontational or adaptive, the new generation of artists attempts to reflect the current artistic environment, discusses personal identity and social relationships within the contemporary art ecology, and provides new possibilities.

About Carte Blanche

Carte Blanche is an exhibition program curated by artists at ShanghART M50 since 2017. The name originated from the French phrase “unlimited discretionary power to act; unrestricted authority”, which could also be explained as “unconditional authority; full discretionary power; permission to do something in any way you choose to do it”. The exhibition is like a piece of blank paper, fully consigned to the artists to curate or create and explore limitless possibility.

About FAS

FAS is an experimental art project initiated by YELL Space and artists. FAS is from the first three letters from the Chinese words “fasheng (happening), fasan (spreading), fasheng (voicing), fashe (transmitting),” and also English meanings of “Fast, fascinate, fasten, and free art space”. FAS is the collaboration between energetic and experimental young artists while paying close attentions to the global art ecology.

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