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Peter Pass
Solo Exhibition Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai
Date: 11.06, 2018 - 12.31, 2018

Artists: GUO Xi 郭熙

“The city Hangzhou is always renovating its roads.

A few days ago, I walked pass by a piece of excavated ground.

The hard asphalt pavement was opened with a window revealing the soil underneath it.

Just after the rain, the soil absorbed the water and became very malleable. The mud is covered with various footprints. With careful observation, I was amazed by the delicate design of various soles. The state of these patterns transcends the original functionality as sole patterns, revealing a sense of technology that modern civilizations admire.

They are intertwined, as if a sculpture created collaboratively by people who passed by entering different time and space. As I was carefully reading these footprints, I can not help but wondering their destinations, their names, their gaits…..

The hasty passengers passed by here have left proof that they were once here.”  —— Guo Xi

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