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The Drawing Hand
Group Exhibition DANYSZ gallery, Shanghai, 256 Beijing East Road
Date: 2019

Artists: LIU Yi 刘毅 | 

What is drawing? Do drawing and painting have a different meaning in Chinese and in English? Can drawing be three-dimensional? Can drawing be dynamic? ......

Drawing, as a fundamental medium of artistic representation, has a variety of forms in the history of art, such as artistic writing, sketching, paper cutting, paper folding, or the wild and delicate lines under the artist’s hand. However, in contemporary art, as a medium to express ideas and concepts, drawing is a territory that allows for an infinity of forms and whose creative universe is extremely varied.
Pablo Picasso used to say, “Evidently one never knows what one is going to draw… but when one starts doingit, then a story is born, an idea… and there you go.”
With the aim of investigating the meaning of drawing through multiple aspects, Danysz Gallery makes “The Drawing Hand” a long-term exhibition project, which is dedicated to drawing in all its different forms, facilitates and encourages closer and more dynamic communications and interactions between Chinese and foreign artists.

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