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Lian Cheng Jue , Visual Creativity in New Urban
Group Exhibition Zendai Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai
Date: 12.02, 2006 - 12.28, 2006

Artists: HU Yang 胡杨 |  JI Wenyu & ZHU Weibing 计文于-朱卫兵 | 

Name:       Lian Cheng Jue-Visual Creativity in New Urban
Present by:   Shanghai Zendai Museum of Modern Art
China Central Academy of Fine Arts
Curators:   All the students from M.A. class of main courses in art  
management and administration (Shanghai) of China Central Academy  
of Fine Arts
Art Director:  Shen Qibin
Adviser Tutor: Yu Ding, Pi Li
Artist:  Hu Yang, Lv Miao, Huo Ye, Ni Youyu, Xiang Jing, Chen Youjian,  
Zhang Xubo, Ai Guo, Huang Fei, Yu Ting, Han Zijian, Wang Zhao, Yang Shengsheng, Kang Shiwei, Xiao Cao, Tu Hongtao, Yao Wei, Shang Yixin,  
Qiu Anxiong, Ji Wenyu, Zhu Weibing, Shi Wanwan
Date:    2nd, Dec. ~ 28th, Dec.2006
Venue:  Shanghai Zendai Museum of Modern Art
Opening: 14:00, 2nd, Dec. 2006

Lian Cheng Jue-Visual Creativity in New Urban

“Lian Cheng Jue-Visual Creativity in New Urban” is opening on 2nd  
Dec, 2006 at Shanghai Zendai Museum of Modern Art.  It is
presented by Shanghai Zendai Museum of Modern Art and China  
Central Academy of Fine Arts.  Centered around city of Shanghai,  
the exhibition meanders through a series of experiences: from  
Nongtang culture, Shanghai style, materialism and petit bourgeois  
sentiment. As the exhibition proceeds, the boundary of Shanghai  
becomes blurred to include social realities common in cities all over  
the world: anxiety, insatiable desire, maddening pace of life, moving  
from one city to another with neither start nor ending, doubt in  
self-identity, economic and cultural aggression, apathy in reality and  
pursuit of virtual existence, uncertainty towards happiness.  The  
exhibition returns to the realm of the heart, where resides longing
for nature and harmony, spiritual exploration of the soul, the need
for communication, courage against the authority and tradition, and
turning private experiences public.
This exhibition is the first curated by the M.A. class in art  
management and administration (Shanghai) at the China Central  
Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA). Since 11th Nov, 2005, CAFA and
Shanghai Zendai Museum of Modern Art (Zendai MOMA) joined  
forces to establish a training ground for art management and  
administration to train the next generation of art management experts  
for local and international art world.  After its first year, the students
will present to us their outstand results.
What secrets are hidden in the city?  What’s treasures are buried in  
the city?  What conspiracies are in the city?  
We don’t provide the answers.
The answer is right next to us.  “Lian Cheng Jue” can be a tunnel that
links up all cities.  But the one leading to the true answer in your heart
is right in front of you.

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