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Collection Exhibition: Scales
Group Exhibition 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, Japan
Date: 10.17, 2020 - 05.09, 2021

Artists: CHEN Wei 陈维 | 

When viewing an object or space, we often sense it to be smaller or larger than we thought. This occurs not simply because of the “size” of the object or space but because our perception arises, relatively, from our viewing position as well as our physical memory of a relationship with the object or space. This exhibition will look at “scale”—a variable based on our relationship with an object—as opposed to “size,” a measurable attribute.

Works by the Museum’s collected artists will be displayed in seven galleries having different proportions. In every case, the world expressed by the work—that of landscape, void, resonant sound, personal memory, or the time of plants and inorganic objects—is difficult to measure and will appear different depending on our scale of measurement. This exhibition will give viewers occasion to ponder the varying scales we continually form with our senses.

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