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Solo Exhibition AIKE, Shanghai
Date: 09.09, 2017 - 10.15, 2017

Artists: SU Chang 苏畅

The exhibition includes new works by the artist and investigates boundaries of concealed and exposed using the usual feeling and rhyme of breath and a romantic approach of neutral aesthetics.

The exhibition is disclosed with the mundane objects and shapes. Looking like ready made water sinks and ceramic tiles, gypsum sculptures were hand-molded by the artist and went through a careful process of shaping and compiling. Each work seems to be a habitual object however was peeled out of original context and represents the extraction and reconstruction of object's essence revealed by virtue of artist's unique language. Crossing the bounds of reality and sculpture spectators will be lead to an ambiguous world of uncertainty.

The accordance of the absence of color and the white cube as background provides with an ephemeral “dizziness sensation”. Which is more, the dust and stains on the surface of white gypsum sculptures, reminding of “erratic wandering breathing”, along with the own state of the works that gradually rise, silently echo the internal human lifeblood. In the exhibition the sculpture and the human essence form special, positive-negative relationships. The artist combines the self of the object and the human nature, and creates different perception of being. In the ambience of silent mourning, the sound of absent water and human body movements similar to the outline appear and disappear in the fanciful room of viewers.

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