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Think Carefully, Where Have You Been Yesterday?
Solo Exhibition BizArt, Shanghai
Date: 10.13, 2007 - 10.22, 2007

Artists: SHI Yong 施勇

"Think carefully where have you been yesterday?" this brief question with an interrogatory tone  reveals one by one realities and lifes of various human beings. Shi Yong, Shanghainese artist, will present his new video work on the 10th of October 2007 at BizArt Art Center.  

These last few years, Shi Yong attempted to progressively deviate from the symbolic "New Image". His large sculptures, installations and videos, still perpuate this cynical and humoristic style, concentrating on culture and society issues. This new video work composed of interviews, completely discarded the vocabulary of his previous works. Interrogatories observe, even intrude the interviewees' memories and self-acceptance. The artist exposes lifes and realities of people from different kind, professional background, social classes; "realities" that are sometime ludicrous made up stories, falsified and re-created.

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