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Group Exhibition Other Liaigre, 796 Middle Huaihai Road, Shanghai
Date: 04.27, 2021 - 10.27, 2021

Artists: HAN Feng 韩锋 |  HU Liu 胡柳 |  HE Wei 何伟 |  LIANG Shaoji 梁绍基 |  SU Chang 苏畅 |  WU Yiming 邬一名 |  XIANG Liqing 向利庆 | 

In partnership with Liaigre, the top French home design brand, ShanghART Gallery is pleased to present the exhibition "Daily" in the Richemont Twin Villa, No. 796 Huaihai Middle Road, where the showroom of Liaigre Shanghai locates.

A "daily" space is created in this century-old architecture by the works of 7 artists from ShanghART and new season home decoration from Liaigre. Artists in the exhibition: Han Feng, He Wei, Hu Liu, Liang Shaoji, Su Chang, Wu Yiming, Xiang Liqing. The exhibition will run through October 27, 2021 (appointment is required).

"Daily", a simple but abstract word, is available everywhere, which is also subtle and difficult to perceive. Without a grand narrative and theme, "Daily" is only about life itself, the essence of art. As in the century-old building, daily life is the real record. ShanghART is honored to take the legendary old building as the exhibition hall to create a living art surrounded by architecture, furniture, art, and objects in partnership with Liaigre.

The Richemont Twin Villa was built by Jiang Bingsheng, a well-known comprador in Shanghai The east building was built in 1921, and the West Building was built in 1927. Then the 4,000-square-meter space was remodeled and retained by Kokaistudios. The whole architecture presents in an elegant neoclassical style with the retained ceiling, wooden floor, wall tiles and floor tiles, stairs, colored leaded glass and old steel windows, etc.

“Rustic elegance, restrained minimalism” is the design concept of Liaigre, who advocates art as life and purses a certain eternity in time and space. Integrated the architecture’s temperament and Liaigre's brand concept, ShanghART create a new season for the exhibition hall. Having considered every corner of the space, the integrity of art and home, the continuity of the artist's concept and space, 14 works of art are finally presented in the space in response to the environment. We hoped you will walk in the scene and feel “daily” in the architectural space.

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