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Bandi Panda Fashion Show , Chinese International Fashion Week (08 Spring/Summer)
Solo Exhibition Other Beijing, Central Hall, D. Park, 798 Art Zone
Date: 11.04, 2007

Artists: ZHAO Bandi 赵半狄

3:00 PM, Sunday, Nov. 4, 2007

Location: CENTRAL HALL, D. PARK, 798 Art Zone, No.2 Jiu Xian Qiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

3:00 pm Door opening
3:30 pm Beginn of Zhao Bandi Fashion Show
4:00 pm Zhao Bandi Fashion Show ends

Hey, let’s get crazy about Zhao Bandi’s new panda fashion!
What is happening in China? How many strata compose the spectacle of Chinese society? How many symbolic characters make efforts for China today? Some one wants to elaborate on the story.
Zhao Bandi, always accompanied by his panda, has become a significant cultural code in contemporary Chinese art.
His art, in an unusual way, continuously stimulated Chinese society’s multiple potentialities.
On November 4th, 2007, 3:00 pm, on the catwalk of Chinese International Fashion Week, Zhao Bandi’s panda couture tornado will tell people all over the world why today’s China is so exciting!
We are looking forward to your coming.

Dear friend,
Being Chinese, I have been experiencing every exciting, rousing, happy and anxious moment of the society, mentally and physically.
As an artist, China today is a source of imagination. Being an adventuristic artist, I decided to give a cardio tonic injection to the Chinese fashion industry with my debut show.
I think it is too lukewarm here, and it doesn’t fit the exciting life and the “China Fever” at the world scale.
My haute couture show will unfold a colorful panorama of protagonists from every stratum of Chinese society. Spectacles are made by people.
Real estate developers is part of a spectacle, together with die-hard to-be-moved households, immigrant-laborers, stock investors, prostitutes, media workers, idolaters, beggars, as well as homosexuals… and persons that you thought of or didn’t think of, catwalk models you expected or didn’t expect.
Ok, let’s keep the surprise for 3:00 pm, November 4th, I promise!
Further more, the glittering of dozens of characters is intriguing yet confusing.
From a fashionable perspective, is this kind of glamour fresh, beautiful, trendy? Or elegant! I believe that it is the soul of haute couture.
Development in information accessibility turns Chinese fashion into a modest and scrupulous student. But people need to grow up. What’s the trend of international fashion? What’s the color in fashion? Panda’s colors can be presented to the world!
Since you are one of the most interesting persons in China, I request the pleasure of your company at my Panda Fashion Show on November 4th, 2007.
We are looking forward to your coming.
Artist ZHAO Bandi

List of figures:

清洁工       Sweeper
小学生       Primary School Student
中学生       Middle School Student
教师              Teacher
售楼小姐       Property Sales Girl
房地产商       Property Developer
钉子户       Squatter
民工              Migrant Worker
乞丐              Beggar
城管              Official Worker
女同性恋       Lesbian
追星族       Fans
网络红人       Web Celebrity
成功人士       Successful People
护士              Nurse
医生              Doctor
囚犯              Prisoner
警察              Policeman
法官              Judge
被告              Defendant
三陪小姐       Prostitute
腐败官员       Corrupt Official
办公室小秘       Secretary
视频裸聊者       Naked Web Chatter
二奶              Concubine
名牌爱好者       Fashion Victim
股民              Stockholder
WTO服       WTO Dress
新娘              Bride
北京奥运会金牌得主       Gold Medal Winner of Beijing Olympic Games
河南人       Henanese
女皇              Queen

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