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Painting Exhibition Series: Original Sin , Guo Longyao: T- emple
Solo Exhibition ShanghART M50, Shanghai
Date: 09.02, 2021 - 09.24, 2021

Curator:He Chi, Yan Bing
Artist:Guo Longyao
Duration:2021/09/02 – 09/26(Tue. – Sat. 11am -6pm)
Location: ShanghART M50, Bldg. 16, 50 Moganshan Rd., Putuo District, Shanghai, China

ShanghART M50 is pleased to present a series of painting exhibitions Project: Original Sin, curated by He Chi and Yan Bing, from 2 September, 2021. In this project, six artists adopting the traditional painting language will successively explore the issue of painting and contemporary art through solo exhibitions. The six artists in the project are Guo Longyao, Yan Wenhui, Guo Haiqiang, Qi Wenzhang, Du Wenhui, and Guo Qiang (names are arranged in order of solo exhibition).

The first solo exhibition of the project is artist Guo Longyao's " T-emple".

T-emple is a shelter for the body and mind.
Painting is the smearing, rubbing, soaking, and soothing; the meticulous care and awareness of the gaze on the body and mind.
Where the eyes reach, and beyond the reach, lies the body and mind.
Viewing a painting is not only the contact, communication, convergence, and confirmation of the (viewer's) eyes and (the author's) eyes, but also the viewer's experience and awareness of their own physical and mental state.
The “Audiences”, the “Outsiders”, the “Aliens”, all come later.
If you re-examine the act of painting from the perspective of sunlight, moonlight, the fourth person, the latecomer, you will see T-emple.
Where the sun shines on, the moon illuminates, the art shelters, the T-emple that is held by you and me.
T-emple is built on moments restored from body and mind.

by He Chi

About the Artist

Guo Longyao

Born in 1989 in Gansu Province, he graduated from the Oil Painting Department of Chengdu Academy of Fine Arts in 2013 and now lives and works in Beijing. Guo Longyao's works originate from his life and living experience, with a sense of touch based on images and materials, but the genuine enjoyment is the sense of time flow behind the images, which can be still or moving, as completely free as breathing. The artist wants it to be pure, solid, and beautiful, but also to transcend time and space, and in a sense, to have the possibility of inspiring real life in its context.

Recent group exhibitions include: Works of apartment,National Agricultural Exhibition Center, Beijing (2019); Relative, Yida Art Community, Beijing (2019); [Mobile source code], Dou Mi Ao International Art Festival, Zhejiang (2019); Socerers Dragon Clan, Space Station, Beijing (2019);  The Room of Mossy, Ginkgo Art Center, Beijing (2018). Magpie, Groundless Camp, Beijing (2018); Yanshan Walk-Wild Valley, Yanshan, Beijing (2018); Take away Heiqiao, Heiqiao SPACE, Beijing (2017); Presence of China, Hainan International Contemporary Art Exhibition , Sanya (2017); Warm House, No. 8 Heiqiao Second Road, Beijing (2016); Cabinet of Wonder,Cabinet of Wonder, Beijing(2015); Artistic Practice Project, ACTION Space, Beijing (2014); Your World 2nd Contemporary Art Weibo Exhibition, Songzhuang Art Center, Beijing (2013); Heiqiao Night Away, We Said Let There Be Space and There Was Space, Beijing (2013).

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