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Spinning East Asia Series I: A Compass in Hand
Group Exhibition Centre for Heritage Arts & Textile, Hong Kong
Date: 11.27, 2021 - 02.27, 2022

Artists: LIU Yi 刘毅 | 


Ahn Sangsoo
Choi Moonkyung
Park Chanshin
Adonian Chan
Julius Hui
Chris Tsui
Hugh Davies
Guo Cheng
Hou I-Ting
Iguchi Kota
Mieno Ryu
Nakata Takuma
Kim Hwang
Lau Chi Chung
Li Zhiqian
Liu Yi
Lu Yang
Takahashi Naotaka
Nagashima Rikako
Spatial Anatomy
Wang Zhi-Hong
Alice Wong


Closed on Tues


In modern times, East Asia has navigated through waves of geopolitical, economic and cultural crises, both internal and external, with countries and territories in the area simultaneously tested by the challenges of globalisation and multilateral relations. Shared among its people groups are knowledge systems and hard-learned lessons from history. Yet there are also paradoxical perception and deep-rooted antagonism mixed with interdependence and disdain that accompanied the establishment and collapse of cultural identities.

CHAT’s focus on textile and its cultural contexts offered an alternative entry point for our quest into and reimagination of the notion of ‘East Asia’. The materiality of textile, as well as its intricate connections with mankind in political, economic, social and cultural contexts throughout history, have provided leads and inspirations in the process of reconsidering, or spinning, and revisiting East Asia.

Titled A Compass in Hand, the first chapter of the Spinning East Asia Series sets out to navigate through, explore and articulate the entangled web of familiar yet alien, complex and constantly evolving social and cultural circumstances. 15 individuals and collectives of artist-designers embark on their research and creative journey, seeking to address how the historical, social and ideological landscapes of East Asia are accepted and shaped by individual cognition, formed as a result of the friction between various individual and collective forces. Here, textile as a method and idea is articulated through the study of ‘East Asia’ by exhibiting practitioners and presented through multiple forms such as materiality, technique and cultural meaning.

Some artworks contain interactive sessions during specific timeslots.

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