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Cold Flame
Group Exhibition BFC外滩金融中心,上海
Date: 04.09, 2021 - 04.15, 2021

Artists: LIU Weijian 刘唯艰 | 

HALF IMAGE presents artist group exhibition at BFC Art Festival: Cold Flame. The second week of the exhibition was officially launched on April 9. "Cold flame" is a utopian concept: imagine a kind of high-density, cold and hard material - shuttling at high speed in the gentle and smooth air flow layer. It is about to hit the earth's surface and cause a big explosion. But before that, it sleeps in the flame produced by the friction of dense air flow.  The four young artists presented this week are Liu Weijian, Song Shuyang, Wang Yi, Wu Houting and Xu Yue. Their works cover painting, photography, sculpture and installationl.

In 2010, the Louis Vuitton Gallery (Hong Kong) held "Liu Weijian Solo Exhibition: Farewell My Country". Since then, Liu Weijian has gradually moved away from the cold and bitter Social Narrative Techniques in the past. From the Exhibition “Under the Sun” (2014, ShanghART H-Space) to “I Love You” (2015, ShanghART Beijing) to “On the Way” (2018, Barn for Contemporary Art/Shenzhen), Liu Weijian has been walking along the road of life. He is an "Artist on the Road". Who is not? Nietzsche said that "The reason why man is great is that he is a bridge rather than an end". The difference of Liu Weijian is that he can write his ordinary or extraordinary life without living in the environment of the whole era. Painting thus becomes more close to innocence, rather than some kind of business, ambitious plans and work arrangements. In this sense, painting can be separated from everything The most abundant, essential and sincere state of inner life is that which becomes the metaphysical summary of everything for the purpose of Secularity or non secularity.

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