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Chinese Ganjue
Group Exhibition South China Art Museum , Dongguan, ARTVRPRO.COM
Date: 01.08, 2022 - 01.28, 2022

Over the course of two months, we received 83 submissions from artists, directors and anthropologists from around the world. Meanwhile, we have specially invited 6 pieces of work to be exhibited . The warm support of participants from home and abroad has breathed invaluable life and rich possibilities into this exhibition. After careful discussion by the South China Art Museum curatorial team, this exhibition will break the limitation of the disciplinary and feature the work of 28 video practitioners and their Gan Jue worlds. Due to the limitation of our space, we feel so pity that we might not be able to include all submissions this time, however, we sincerely thank everyone for participating in this discussion about such an ambiguous yet real existence, sharing the thoughts with us and even making works as response. As an online exhibition, this presentation had its share of regrets and surprises,therefore,we hope that during the exhibition you, as the viewer, will become a new participant in paving the way for more potential exploration and development of the concept, the entity and the culture of ‘Gan Jue’.

Preface:A Special‘Spatial Film’About Gan Jue
Hello everyone.
Welcome to the screening event and
the generation process of this ‘spatial film’
entitled Gan Jue.
This is a special film projection ritual.
Because our protagonist is one kind of
invisible, silent, drifting
presence called Gan Jue in Chinese.
Put another way.
Our protagonist is ,or are, one, or some, being(s)
loosely hidden behind the name of Gan Jue.
It is, or they are, trance-like, indeterminate
diverse, but at the same time vivid
being or beings.
“The fish trap exists because of the fish;
once you’ve gotten the fish you can forget the trap.

The rabbit snare exists because of the rabbit;
once you’ve gotten the rabbit, you can forget the snare.

Words exist because of meaning;
once you’ve gotten the meaning, you can forget the words.”
— Zhuangzi. Wai Wu
Here you will travel through different rooms.
The paths you traverse are lined with
scenes from this experiential film.
What you would be confronted with
as you stop in front of a wall are the shots from our film.
Of course, you can travel and stop as many times
as you like, without following the sequence
The spatial film shown today will, depending on your actions and experiences generate a bespoken film for you.
There is no limit to the length of the film, no limit to the main plot, no limit to the combination of montages,
no limit to the ending
You are even free to set the place where you will
experience it in reality.
Now, you can start to experience a ‘spatial film’ that only belongs to you.
It is probably invisible, inaudible, beyond language
and all about Gan Jue.

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