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Solo Exhibition Don Gallery, Shanghai
Date: 11.08, 2014 - 12.07, 2014

Artists: SU Chang 苏畅

Don Gallery is delighted to present the dual exhibition of SU Chang and ZHENG Huan, which will be open on 8th November 2014 and running till 7th December. This show is going to be a collection of sculptures, installations and photographic works of the two young artists.

In the latest West Bund Art & Design Fair, SU Chang’s project TREE was pretty eye-catching. The strong steel branches stretch freely to the sky, with the iron rust creeps from inside out, like the print of time spread endlessly on the white plaster. In the exhibition HABBITS the audience will have the chance to see other works of this series. Portrait of Wall is a series he started 3 years ago. The pieces displayed this time are relatively large. With the language of simple white plasters, he presents walls that are covered with ordered ceramic tiles in order, naked after mosaic falls, exposed to rain and sun, full of cracks etc.

Besides, there are some other works that remind the audience to re-examine the daily objects surrounding them. These plants, architects, objects created by SU Chang are not only reflections of the unconscious behaviour and thinking in urban life, but also discussions on the forming of aesthetic habits and its relationship with thinking modes.

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