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Group Exhibition Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai, R204, Bldg.4A, 50 Moganshan Rd
Date: 12.03, 2010 - 12.25, 2010

Artists: SU Chang 苏畅 | 

Under elaborate preparation, Vanguard gallery will bring a group exhibition named “dynamo” to you this December. In the coming exhibition, we have invited four artists: Su Chang, Lu Pingyuan, Chen Yongwei from china and Nam Hyojun form Japan. They differ in growing experience and culture background which they use to create their own stylish art works.

Su Chang’s installations are like a race against the accelerated urbanization to some extent. The town he grew up in faces inevitable demolishing. Under this circumstance, he decided to restore his memory by making some models in order to question the excessive development of the society.
Lu Pingyuan never stops exploring the new way to make his works. He used milk to paint and then burned the paper. His painting works, made in a cruel method, are about passing-by childhood, expressing sadness and helplessness.
Coincidently, Chen Yongwei uses dribs and drabs of his own memory to interpret life .Elements like double bed and make-up mirror are put in a constrained and dark background, trying to launch a discussion about past and present days, memory and reality.
Growing up in Japan, owing a nationality of Korea, learning history and culture on North Korea, Nam Hyojun has a very unique background. So it does, his work are viewed as the window to know the young artists from Asia. The pencil drawing works named the “Myth of North Korea ” show his own interpretation of North Korea culture.

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