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Fission: The New Wave of International Digital Art
Group Exhibition Guizhou Provincial Museum, Guiyang , No.107 East Lincheng Road, Guanshanhu District
Date: 04.29, 2022 - 08.31, 2022

Artists: LIANG Shaoji 梁绍基 | 

On April 29, 2022, "Fission: The Globalization Of Digital Art" will be held in Temporary Exhibition Halls 6 and 7 of Guizhou Museum. This is a digital art exhibition that starts from the concepts and methods of global digital art and integrates academic, public and international aspects. It is also the first large-scale exhibition covering the wave of global digital images and multimedia in the history of contemporary art in Guizhou.

The exhibition is divided into four sections: 1. Regeneration of antiquities: the integration of archaeology and digital art; 2. Post-life intention: the connection between man and nature, society and science and technology; 3. Synthetic world: the connection between virtual reality and real world; Algorithmic images: the meaning of digital art.

The exhibition brings together 54works by 44 artists from 10 countries and regions around the world (7 of whom participated in the Venice Biennale and Kassel Documenta). They are:Birgitta Hosea (UK/ SWE)、Dirk de Bruyn(AUS)、Donah Lee(KOR)、Han Ho(KOR)、Ina Conradi+Mark Chavez(USA)、Kim ChangKyum(KOR)、Lee lee nam(KOR)、Liliana Conlisk Gallegos (USA)、Mathilde Lavenne(FRA)、Mutual Loop (Austria)、Peter Burr(USA)、Petra Szeman(UK/HUN)、Stéphane Thidet(FRA)、Tony Brown(FRA)、Wednesday Kim(KOR/USA)、Pen Pa(CHN)、ZENG Yujuan (CHN Taiwan)、DENG Guoyuan(CHN)、GU Jing+XIA Yan(CHN)、HAN Yajuan(CHN)、HU Jiayi(CHN)、LI Yongzheng+MA Zhandong(CHN)、LIANG Shaoji (CHN)、LIN Juntin (CHN Taiwan)、LV Liao(CHN)、MIAO Xiaochun (CHN)、NIU Yanhan+WU Jingyue(CHN)、SUN Xueyi+SHI yueyang (CHN)、TANG Bohua (CHN)、WANG Yimo (CHN)、WEN Peng(CHN)、WENG Jiale+LI Jiahui(CHN)、YAO Yanan+FAN Lina(CHN)、ZHANG muchen(CHN)、ZHANG Xiaotao+ZHANG Wuliang(CHN)、ZHOU Wenjing(CHN).

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Works Exhibited :

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