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How many times, I have left my everyday life
Group Exhibition 69 ART CAMPUS, Beijing
Date: 12.18, 2022 - 03.13, 2023

Artists: HU Wei 胡伟 | 

69 ART CAMPUS is honored to announce a new exhibition, “How many times, I have left my everyday life”. This group exhibition, curated by Yang Tiange, features 21 artists of different ages around the world. The exhibition will open on December 18, 2022, and run until March 13, 2023.

The exhibition takes its name from the poem, “How many times, I have left my everyday life”, written by the poet He Qifang during the Rectification Movement in 1942. In line with the poem and its context, the exhibition also witnesses an epoch of transformation and the dramatic changes in the everyday life that accompanied it. Although we start with a historical reflection, our starting point is still the reality of the present, especially its imaginative association with related episodes of history. The works exhibited here footnote the socio-political impact on everyday life, and the sort or sorts of retreat that the status quo gave rise to, especially revealed by one’s subtle feeling of abruptness in the surrounding environment, the surreality in reality, and the non-everyday time and space in the everyday life as commonly reflected.

The exhibition assembles the works of 21 artists of different ages, covering sculptural installations, painting, photography, and video. The works are positioned zigzag in accordance with the space of 69 ART CAMPUS Art Center. They are not sorted in order, but rather intertwined. They may roughly be divided into two categories: “The Strange Human Noise” and “The Synapses of the Surroundings”, corresponding to respectively the changes in humans and their living environment. The two categories together constitute the encounter when “we leave our everyday life.” Everyday life is under assault, while the senses of the artists become more acute and reciprocally communicable. Apart from the sense of seeing, they mobilize their senses of hearing (strange noise) and touch (synapses) to capture the subtle ripples and translate them into something rare, something grotesque or something illusionary in their works.

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