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Yang Fudong: North Hill | Art Basel 2023, Booth R24
Solo Exhibition Art Fairs Basel, Switzerland
Date: 06.15, 2023 - 06.18, 2023

Artists: YANG Fudong 杨福东

VIP Days (invitation only): June 13/14, 2023, 11 am to 8 pm
Vernissage: June 14, 2023, 5 to 8 pm
Public Days: June 15-18, 2023, 11 am to 7 pm

ShanghART Gallery is delighted to announce its participation in the 2023 edition of Art Basel with Yang Fudong's solo project "North Hill" at booth R24."North Hill" intends to unfold the psychological state while overlooking the mountains and the continuous sea of clouds from the north. The artist integrates multi-channel video, mirror installations, paintings, photography and comprehensive media to construct a spatial and dynamic field as a meditation room. "North Hill" is another important expansion practice of Yang Fudong's "Imagery film” after his latest work “Endless Peaks" created in the solo exhibition at ShanghART Gallery in 2020.

As an important branch of “Endless Peaks", "North Hill" continues to explore the concepts contained in "invisible movies" in the dimension of reality. A comprehensive spatial film narrative is created based on the previously developed planar long-roll film narrative. Shot in the mountains, forests and sea of ​​clouds in Tiantai Mountain, Zhejiang Province, the temple's surrounding landscape and the monks' daily life constitute the core image scenery of this work. After the contemporary translation of the ancient Buddhist Arhats, the multi-screen video installation like a patchwork of distant mountains floating in space. It mirrors the monks’ daily portrait photography and forms a new narrative context. The irregular mirror space dissolves the boundaries in the dark space, adding a sense of space and distance to the collage of moving images.

The overlapping of real-time mirroring, video and comprehensive media painting images presents a new visual imagination with time traces. Standing in an image space where movement, stillness, black and white, and color are juxtaposed, images, mirror images, mental images, imagination and reality, emptiness, contemplation, and hallucinations coexist as a kind of inner image, stimulating the imagination of the viewer to improvise and generate self Heart image monologue. Starting from the viewing perspective of Chinese classical art, the artist develops the perception and practice of spiritual life in contemporary daily life around religious themes.

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