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Bon Moment
Group Exhibition Red Brick Art Museum, Beijing
Date: 04.06, 2023 - 07.09, 2023

Artists: YAN Bing 闫冰 | 

Such A “Bon Moment” That Macron Was On Hand To Unveil The 17th Festival Croisements At Red Brick Art Museum

On April 5, the opening ceremony of the 17th Festival Croisements was held at the Red Brick Art Museum. The President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron, was on hand to unveil the event.

Such A “Bon Moment”

The essence of cultivation is to catch up with the bon moment…After the Start of Spring, as the land thaws, the chi from earth begins to flow, and the soil loosens for the first time.

——Book of Fan Shengzhi, Western Han Dynasty

“Bon Moment,” a cross-cultural exhibition of French and Chinese contemporary art, echoes Festival Croisements, which has reached its 17th edition. During this bon moment, we invited 13 Chinese artists, French artists and artists visiting France, including Mircea Cantor, Cao Fei, Clément Cogitore, Hao Liang, Camille Henrot, Huang Yongping, Jia Aili, Li Nu, Liang Yuanwei, Laure Prouvost, Tao Hui, Tatiana Trouve, and Yan Bing. Their artistic practice approaches topics such as the earth, humans, animals, mythology, the unknown, loneliness, fatigue, death and renewal, creating a transcendent landscape of the world for us.


Yan Bing probes into the spiritual dimension through painting. What’s hidden behind the brushwork of almonds and mushrooms is the artist’s temperature of life cognition.

If “such eventful sparkles arising from the temporal flows in the history of human civilization are worth contemplating and delving deeper into,” exhibitions “Bon Moment” “Arsenal” and “Angling” provide us with more diverse perspectives from daily reality to virtual spacetime to reflect the present and the world from different dimensions…

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