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A Journey , A Yuz Foundation Collection
Group Exhibition Yuz Museum, Shanghai
Date: 05.18, 2023 - 08.13, 2023

Artists: OUYANG Chun 欧阳春 |  WU Yiming 邬一名 | 

For the coming 10th anniversary of Yuz Museum Shanghai, the new venue located in Shanghai Panlong Tiandi will be completed and has its grand opening on May 17, 2023. The inaugural exhibition, A Journey, will present more than 40 representative artworks selected from the collection of Yuz Foundation, embarking on a new journey for the museum with this journey through time and space.

Leaving the industrial site on the banks of the Huangpu River and tracing the meandering waterways of Shanghai, Yuz Museum has made its home in the winding waterfront of the ancient town of Panlong.

The museum is built on a quadrangle of rivers, paddies, ponds and bamboo forests, with deconstructed and reorganized gable walls and double-slope roof in traditional Jiangnan dwellings. Two sets of intertwining inter-bearing steel trusses support the interior and exterior of the museum, blending nature and man-made landscape, tradition and modernity.

With the change of geography and the physical space, “home” becomes the initial concept for the exhibition, drawing up a new blueprint for the museum’s new space in Panlong. The concept “home” was not only prompted by the museum’s relocation, but also by the fact that greater attachment to and reflection on home had ensued from the limitation on spatial mobility during the past three years in pandemic. More importantly, in the cultural tradition of China, home is the basis of the survival structure, “generation after generation,” and one of the first ways for people to understand the world. Therefore, “home” is closely related to each individual and constitutes a holistic concept in different dimensions and perspectives.

With different forms of human migration in the process of society’s advancement and globalization, as well as new perceptions and concepts brought by technological innovations in the digital age, individuals and communities of “diaspora” diversify their choices or even blur the transformation in their self-identity construction and identification. “Home” is no longer confined to traditional family structures, and people are no longer confined to geographical, historical, political and cultural factors to connect with it. Against this backdrop, it has become even more important to explore “home” in the sense of ontological significance, especially at a time when contemporary society is facing various unknowns and crises, and the discussion about “home” has become even more relevant and enlightening.

Selecting from nearly 1,500 pieces of contemporary art collected by Yuz Foundation, this exhibition will feature over 40 major works by Chinese and international artists, including paintings, sculptures, installations, photographs and videos, to embark on a journey through time and space. The artists present works related to the imagery of “home” through mundane objects, everyday experiences, individual memories or dreams, ongoing or repetitive personal practices, and reflections on historical and social issues. Meeting the artists at different stages of their lives, the exhibition invites the audience to think about “home” and “roots” subjectively, exploring the eternal propositions of individual existence, the relationship between the object and the self, and the flow of time and space.

The exhibition is not only a journey back in time to the artists’ creations, but also a look back at the collection-based history of Yuz Museum since its beginning. The founder, Mr. Budi Tek, first got involved with contemporary art as an art collector and, after years of collection, built the museum to create a “home” for his collection. The collection has become the source, the foundation and nourishment of Yuz Museum. From this perspective, we hope that through this exhibition and the opening of the second chapter of the museum, we will continue its mission as a permanent “home” for the collection, to perform its function in people’s daily lifes as well as to fulfill its duties of improving the ecology of the industry and promoting the development of society.

The museum is not only a guardian of the physical form of artworks, but also of the ideas, spirit and culture of the human journey. By inspiring contemporary social contexts, it provides diverse and open narrative possibilities, allowing art to trigger enlightment during encounters with audience. It is a “home” where ideas flow and minds collide, a link that culture is inherited generation by generation, and the origin where we could always trace back for innovation to tackle the present moment full of challenges and uncertainties.


ALLORA & CALZADILLA / Harold ANCART / Massimo BARTOLINI / Nerl BELOUFA / Valentin CARRON / CHEN Yujun / CHEN Zhen / CHOE U-Ram / Julie CURTISS / ELMGREEN and DRAGSET / GAO Lei / Subodh GUPTA / Lauren HALSEY / HONG Hao / HSIEH Tenching / HUANG Yong Ping / KIM Yong-lk / Kitty KRAUS /Alicja KNVADE / LIN Kun-Ying / Michael LIN / LU Wei Hlang / Kat LYONS / Yoshitomo NARA / Jean-Michel OTHONIEL/ OUYANG Chun /  YOkO ONO / Hilary PECIS / Rachel ROSE / SHEN Yuan / Nedko SOLAKOV / Yutaka SONE / Kerry TRIBE / WU Yiming / XU Bing / YANG Jiechang / YIN xiuzhen / YUE Minjun / ZHANG Jian-Jun / ZHOU Jie

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