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Tang Guo: Paradise Lost
Solo Exhibition Hanyang Art Gallery, Hangzhou
Date: 04.29, 2023 - 07.28, 2023

Artists: TANG Guo 汤国


The papier-mâché is a sticky substance, with a history of being wetted, a time of being disassembled, and a dense cultural fragment. The papier-mâché in the hands of artist Tang Guo is used to intentionally cover or inadvertently blur all this?

There have always been two sets of contradictions in the treatment of viscous substances in Tang’s state: fragmentation and integrity, action and waiting. "Fragmentation" is the artist's working method of recognizing "tradition", embodying the so-called "vast and profound" and "tranquil and interesting" objects, eliminating complexity and simplifying them, retaining the ancient interests while maintaining the uniqueness of visual appreciation. "Action" is also a critical way for the artist to work. The physical form of the congulated essence of pulp fibers, the naturally generated aesthetic feelings, attached to the profound traditional Chinese intention of the works, possessing a state of both stillness and endless growth. The artist is waiting for marvelous changes in plant fibers in his actions, and his innermost being is naturally connected and presented with things.

"Paradise Lost" is always a restless theme. As the works exhibited by the artist, under its seemingly tranquil appearance, they have experienced the reconciliation from frag-mentation to completeness, from agitation to contemplation.

Lin Shuchuan

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