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Luminous Glow
Group Exhibition III Warehouse Gallery, Beijing, Intersection of Renzhuang Industrial Road and Renzhuang Road
Date: 07.27, 2023 - 09.20, 2023

Artists: OUYANG Chun 欧阳春 |  YAN Bing 闫冰 |  ZHANG Enli 张恩利 | 

策展人 Curator
欧阳昆仑 Ouyang Kunlun

艺术家 Artists
蔡国强 Cai Guoqiang
陈翔 Chen Xiang
高瑀 Gao Yu
刘小东 Liu Xiaodong
马轲 Ma Ke
欧阳春 Ouyang Chun
彭斯 Peng Si
秦一峰 Qin Yifeng
邱志杰 Qiu Zhijie
邵帆 Shao Fan
沈忱 Shen Chen
宋易格 Song Yige
韦嘉 Wei Jia
温凌 Wen Ling
向京 Xiang Jing
徐冰 Xu Bing
闫冰 Yan Bing
张恩利 Zhang Enli
张晖 Zhang Hui
朱德群 Chu Teh-Chun
郑在东 Zheng Zaidong

个人项目 Special Projects
李明 Li Ming & 朱昶全 Zhu Changquan
严鹤逃 Hoto Kylienm Yiam

2023.07.26  20:00

Address: Intersection of Renzhuang Industrial Road and Renzhuang Road, Song Zhuang, Tongzhou District, Beijing

Substance from Essence

In 2008, the "Meitu Xiuxiu" app was
"Eyeball economy" "beauty standards"
"beauty enhancement" "trendy aesthetics"
"livestream marketing" ...
Today, we live in the era of filters.
Everything can be retouched and beautified.
This "pictures + filters" phenomenon has a mesmerizing effect that can lead people astray.
The experiences that "substances"
should provide are replaced by algorithms and
social influencers;
"Substances" have become concepts associated with "beauty enhancements" ;
"Substances" are becoming irrelevant and dispensable.

Under this major trend, we attempt to explore, in three exhibition sections, the limited aspects in which "substances" could still serve as a leverage for physical and mental needs:
Functional Objects (the physical and
temporal nature of substances) :
Classic 20th-century designer furniture.These human-centric creations signify that the 20th century was an irretrievable era of the physical body.
Pictorial Objects (the individuality of
substances through experiences) :
A collection of paintings byestablished artists. Brushstrokes (lines0, forms(picturesque)reality...These attributes distance images from mere symbols and emptiness, transforming them into objects with shared bodily experiences.
Generated Objects (the virtuality,
reality, and adherence of substances) :
Two sets of works:
A:Artists Li Ming and Zhu Changquan advanced the concept of "infinite enumeration" from reality to "Southern Love" image streams using Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) .
B:Artificial Intelligence artist Hoto Kylienm Yiam, in response to his life and education in Bangkok, created a series of works with real-life themes.Born in 2009, this young man is full of curiosity, enthusiasm, and vitality.

The exhibition provides a comprehensive background of perceivable time and space; offers observing, touching, and experiential information forviewers.
Even AI-generated works are reproduced as oil paintings, returning to the realm of material substances.
In reality, only then can we make judgments on needs based on the body and mind; and eventually make judgments on the existence of "substances" based on human perceptions.

Ouyang Kunlun
July, 2023

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