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Zhang Ding & Teppei Kaneuji: Two Clubs
Solo Exhibition How Art Museum, Shanghai, Floor 1, No.1, Lane 2277 Zu Chongzhi Road
Date: 10.27, 2023 - 03.31, 2024

Artists: ZHANG Ding 张鼎

HOW Art Museum is pleased to announce TWO CLUBS, a collaborative exhibition by Zhang Ding and Teppei Kaneuji, to be held from October 27, 2023, which comprises more than 100 representative works created by both artists over the past decade, spanning across painting, sculpture, installation, video, and other media, focusing on their unique aesthetics and diversified social perspectives.

Born in 1980 and 1978 respectively, Zhang Ding and Teppei Kaneuji grew up in an era of commercialism. They chose to break away from mainstream imagery and aesthetics, instead introducing the youthful musings of the new generation into their personal expressions. Drawing inspiration from music, Zhang Ding uses "CON TROL CLUB" as his personal brand and performance art practice, while Teppei Kaneuji has been reconstructing toy parts into a series of sculptures called "Teenage Fan Club," based on his childhood experience of collecting anime figurines. Although the two artists' works vary in style, they recognize the universality of art and coincidentally use the concept of "club" in their practice as a cultural form to attract more audience participation and interaction. With the title "Two Clubs," the exhibition takes the relationship between man, culture and space as a clue, inviting us to explore the meaning underlying public perception and personal imagination, plan and chance, completion and unfinishedness.

The exhibition will last till March 31, 2024 as a part of the 22nd China Shanghai International Arts Festival.

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Installation view, photo credit: How Art Museum

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