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In Broad Daylight, I Do
Solo Exhibition Comma Space, Singapore
Date: 07.06, 2024 - 07.14, 2024

Artists: TANG Da Wu 唐大雾

OPENING 6 July  

3:30-4:30pm Performance
4:30-6pm Opening reception

Sat – Sun:  1-6pm
Tue to Fri by appointments only

As an artist, one has the opportunity to fully express who he or she is. However, artists also belong to a demographic profoundly impacted by turmoil and adversity, given their sensitivity, emotional openness, and vulnerability. Frequently, they channel these challenges and vulnerabilities into their creative practices. Tang Da Wu, a Singaporean artist, exemplifies his challenges through the latest solo exhibition, “In Broad Day Light, I Do.” For decades, Da Wu has used mud as a pivotal medium, symbolising both pigment and metaphorical representations of growth and transformation. In this exhibition, mud will manifest in the form of trousers, reminiscent of objects seen in his earlier works such as doors and swords. These pieces poignantly convey our vulnerabilities alongside our aspirations for resilience, aiming to transcend adversity and reach for brighter horizons.

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