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An Unforgettable Tour
Group Exhibition National Museum of Cinema, Turin, Italy
Date: 11.08, 2008 - 11.09, 2008

Artists: SUN Xun 孙逊 |  TANG Maohong 唐茂宏 | 

Artissima Cinema
November 8, 9, 2008
Museo Nazionale del Cinema- National Museum of Cinema

AN UNFORGETTABLE TOUR curated by Defne Ayas
Although China's golden age of animation would come to a complete halt when Mao Zedong jumpstarted the Cultural Revolution, animation has again become a highly ubiquitous medium not only within the moving image culture but also the visual art culture in this country today. As in the rest of the world, some select artists in China have increasingly been using animation to create narratives of space in time, incorporating it into their installations and exhibitions. The medium's capacity to embrace a sense of critical playfulness, while visually presenting complex scripts and scenarios that have no other way of representation has certainly captured the artists' mind and imagination.
A short but dynamic season of animated films made by a new generation of Chinese artists explore the medium's myriad forms and applications, while giving a fascinating tour of an imaginary China. Implemented frame by frame through various techniques such as in ink, line or vectorized drawings, or with additional digital forms and effects, these expressive animations present a number of radical scenarios and forms in relation to the Chinese society. In these fascinating condensed epics of loss and control, fantastical characters and creatures, post-apocalyptic and futuristic landscapes are abound, as well as more universal themes, such as urbanization, consumerism, sexual politics, historical memory and amnesia, the imaginary in the cultural record.
Hoping to facilitate a deeper examination of animated space in relation to the cultural and visual conventions found in China today, this program will feature the work of the following artists: Sun Xun, Qiu Anxiong, Wu Junyong, Bu Hua,  Guo Yuanyuan/ Peng Penghua, Chen Shaoxiong, Feng Mengbo, Tang Maohong, and Eric Siu. The program is organized by Shanghai-based curator Defne Ayas as part of Artissima Cinema and Arthub's Asia coverage organized by Davide Quadrio

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