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B.A.G Art Project
Project ShanghART Main Space, Shanghai
Date: 12.19, 2009 - 01.29, 2010

Artists: BIRDHEAD 鸟头 | 

Birdhead - Affordable Game Project

Since April 2009, Birdhead has initialed a cooperation with various artists in which they print artists' representative works on cheap 24-inch printing paper with their prior authorization. At the same time, Birdhead designs for the project a series of frame patterns, out of which moulds for frames are produced by spraying while the printing paper with artists' works will be pasted on a wall in the frame. After that, Birdhead started to accept pre-orders from all around the world to provide buyers with on-site services of pasting the work on a wall on low prices, by which the work is completed eventually. The project is aimed at extend the works on low operation cost. The whole project is titled as Birdhead Affordable Game, a.k.a. B.A.G and in Chinese.

Birdhead set the service fee at RMB 888. They would paste the work on the designated wall and frame it with the chosen frame pattern on site. As the art work could not be moved once it's installed, Birdhead also granted the buyer a certificate with signatures from all three parties: Birdhead, the cooperation artist and the buyer.

The BAG Art Project is aimed at shortening the distance between art and the masses. On one hand, they continue seeking opportunities to extend the project to more artists, while on the other hand, they hope they could cooperate with various organizations outside Shanghai, including art organizations and non-art ones, to promote the project based on these cooperation and provide on-site services to the collectors in local cities. All collectors could select art works on the official web sites and input their respective messages, after which the cooperative organizations will be responsible for the on-site service. The pricing out of mainland China is in the terms of the Big Macs in McDonald's.  As the work sells at a price of RMB 888 in mainland China, an equivalent of 88 Big Macs, the price of Big Mac out of mainland China should be that of it in that country or area. The payments from collectors will be collected by agency directly.

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