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Desserts , ZHOU Tiehai
Solo Exhibition MoCA Shanghai, Shanghai
Date: 02.09, 2010 - 04.11, 2010

Artists: ZHOU Tiehai 周铁海

VIP preview & Opening Reception: Feb.9th, 7pm-9pm

About the exhibition

Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai is honored to have famous artist, Zhou Tiehai’s Solo Show “Desserts”.  It is the first time to host a Solo Exhibition ever since the opening of the museum.

On February 9, 2010, Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art (Shanghai MoCA) presents the solo exhibition “Dessert” by Zhou Tiehai.  Zhou Tiehai started paying attention to the French culinary culture since 2005, especially the dessert culture – in which he has found wisdom and practice much-needed in the contemporary art and he began creating the Dessert series the following year.  Some French desserts are named after various occupations and social roles, which serve as the source of inspiration for the Dessert series.  The 12 desserts in the series are: diplomat, juge, minister, prof, commissaire, sycophante, caroleuse, blancheresse, financier, bouffon, chiffonnier and sabotajnik.  When gourmands enjoy the desserts, those seemingly unintentional name with historical figures and meaning would appear before their eyes.  This way, dessert itself has become a hidden password.  As Dessert is a hybrid, and the texts, images and plot displayed in the works all point to the same idea, i.e, the key to appreciate dessert is to interpret its literary merit with strict logic behind using various senses.  Taste is only the first step.  For the exhibition opening, the artist invited Richard Toix, the chef from Michelin Restaurant in France desserts named after occupations for all the audiances.


Another History
——The art thought and practice of Tiehai Zhou

Another history is a history of the artist’s individual development in the public history background. The artist’s unique existence has formed a psychological distance from the whole history. The ever-growing image world, which the artist is creating with his characteristic thought, experience, insight, irony and criticism, is another history. “Creating history” is based on “ simulating history” which however, should be based on subjective creation. Therefore, who on earth can distinguish the difference between creating history and simulating history? In this meaning ,Tiehai’s art thought can be regarded as facing with history ,and at the same time writing another history with his own art pratice----this is the core and nature of Tiehai Zhou’s art world ,as well as source and direction of his art thought.

Lecturer: Zhang Qing

Zhang Qing was born in Suzhou. He accomplished his master’s degree of art history at the China Central Academy of Arts and also doctor’s degree of history of art history at the China Academy of Art. He is now Deputy Director of Shanghai Art Museum, Director of Shanghai Art Museum Biennale office, member of CIMAM, member of China Artists Association.

Time: Thursday Mar.4th 14:00—16:00
Venue: Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai

Admission & Booking
Free entrance to the lecture (advanced registration is required). For booking or further information please email us at or call 63279900-106

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