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Invisibleness is Visibleness , International Contemporary Art Collection of a Salaryman-- Daisuke Miyatsu
Group Exhibition Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei
Date: 07.09, 2011 - 09.04, 2011

Artists: YANG Fudong 杨福东 | 

Entering into the twenty-first century, art has transformed from an aristocratic form of entertainment into a cultural wave extending to the general public. An art collection is no longer the sole privilege of the rich, but it is something which anyone can do. This exhibition presents the contemporary art collection of Miyazu Daisuke, an art collector and Japanese “salaryman.” With a high degree of enthusiasm and extraordinary artistic vision, in a short period of 17 years, Miyazu has amassed a collection of over 300 contemporary works of art. Curated by Natasha Lo, Mr. Miyazu selected a collection of 63 works from 53 artists. The exhibition introduces from Yayoi Kusama’s early work to many concept works, various video works from different ages, and works from the new generation of Asian artists. At the end of exhibition is an assemblage of international new media artworks, and the "Dream House", a collaborative creation project that incorporates Miyazu’s love for art.

Regarding people’s attitudes for some topics, due to personal preferences and/or persistence, they tend to form an unrelenting "addiction." "The Invisibleness is Visibleness" exhibit showcases Miyazu’s extraordinary addictive behavior and fruitful experience in contemporary art, and also explores how a collector, who from behind the scenes will support new artists directly or indirectly to promote new galleries and exhibit social and cultural effects. In the progression from "Art -> Artist-> Art Industry and Artist Museum System" ecological chain, there are many kinds of visual and non-visual relationships, which are between the efforts from art collectors with deep emotions, and the artists who support the growth process of art. The communication of art with the relevant parties will participate in the act of weaving contemporary art collections into an overall mechanism. This may be invisible but can be a factor of enormous influence.

"Invisibleness is Visibleness" exhibit marks the first time in a decade since the opening of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei to collaborate with a single co-collector of contemporary art to host an exhibition. Having said that, prior to Miyazu, embracing the art of addiction to implement a continuous collection was set as a precedent by an American husband and wife surnamed Vogel. The action that they finally donated all of their collections to the National Gallery has become a appreciable model for Miyazu to follow. The successful integration of Miyazu’s own artistic vision, his ideology for art collection and lifestyle, is the motivation of holding this exhibition. Miyazu is content to be surrounded by art, and for the art to coexist with him. In addition to sharing his impressive art collection with the people of Taiwan through this exhibition, one quotation from his book can be the best footnote for the audience to think over: "If you are interested in art, please have the courage to take the first step in collecting, because through your efforts you may very likely discover a ‘future masterpiece.”

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