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Never Forget the Image Struggle!
Group Exhibition TOP Contemporary Art Center, Shanghai
Date: 12.10, 2011 - 12.25, 2011

Artists: SHAO Yi 邵一 |  SHI Qing 石青 |  SHI Yong 施勇 |  XU ZHEN® 徐震® |  YANG Zhenzhong 杨振中 |  ZHANG Ding 张鼎 | 

Artists: MadeIn Company, Zhang Ding, Zhou Xiaohu, TOF group, Jin Feng, Shi Qing, Zhang Xian+Hipic, Shao Yi, He An, Shi Yong, Yang Zhenzhong
Opening: December 9th, 2011, Friday, 18:00
Exhibition dates: December 10th to 25th, everyday from 11:00 to 16:00
Venue: TOP Contemporary Art Center
1/F, Bldg 5, 18 Wuwei Road, 200331 Shanghai
Tel: +86 21 62504569
E-mail: Alexia Dehaene

The title Never Forget The Image Struggle! was inspired by the famous sentence: “Never forget class struggle!”. Back then, this warning slogan and its deterrent tone was unforgettable. Does nowadays art expect anything from images? Confronted to their large amount, it seems that almost everyone possesses the rights and means to produce pictures and artists resemble aborigines defending an isolated island, waiting for their loss. They however still aspire to declare their special rights and Never Forget The Image Struggle! is such a declaration, it is also a “loss” warning that they are facing. Simultaneously, the sentence “Never Forget The Image Struggle!” isn’t a warning directed to the artists only but to everyone. In fact the identity of the artist can easily be taken, and those “special rights” are similar to a reward that always need to be fought for. By the end, the responsibility of the artist is to take the role of a “busybody”. The definition of “Image Struggle” transcends the art system. As a “pure space of images” it constitutes a composition between society, reality, politics and aestheticism revolution, it is an internal democratic space. Within these boundaries, “special rights” isn’t a free meal. In this “real desert” it reclaims the….Never forget!

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