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Place of Residence-with Artists from Brazil and China , Space 2
Group Exhibition ShanghART Main Space, Shanghai
Date: 10.12, 2012 - 11.21, 2012

Artists: O WORKS 作品 |  Place of Residence 居住地 |  SHI Yong 施勇 |  YANG Zhenzhong 杨振中 |  ZHANG Enli 张恩利 | 

Curator: Alfons Hug
Opening: Oct.12, 2012, Friday, 5PM-7.30PM
Duration: Oct.13 – Nov.20, 2012
Venue: ShanghART Main Space & H-space, Bldg 16&18, No.50 Moganshan Rd., Shanghai
Hours: 10AM- 6PM (Main Space), 1PM-6PM (H-Space)
Artists: Adriana Barreto, Alexandre Vogler, Jin Shan, Juliana Stein, Katia Maciel & Andre Parente, Liang Wei, Mariana Manhaes & Tian Mansha, Marina Rheingantz, Ni Jun, Pablo Lobato, Shi Yong, TOF(Jin Feng, Ding Li), Yang Zhenzhong, Zhang Enli.

ShanghART Gallery is delighted to present a group exhibition, Place of Residence-with Artists from Brazil and China, on October 12th in both ShanghART Main Space and H-Space. It is curated by Alfons Hug. As one of the first exhibitions to include artists active in Brazil and China, it marks the starting point for a larger project – BRICS.

Despite the title, 'Place of Residence', it is not the exhibition's purpose to solely dwell on the artists' geographical, cultural, historical differences and their impact on artists' creations. As more and more contemporary artists try to combine their own life experiences and thoughts into their works, they try to present works in various media in a specific point of view, to reflect the reality of life and to deeply engage an audience. Thus, 'Place of Residence' is no longer about boundaries or confinement. It concerns more closely with life. Artists' expressions through objects of everyday life embody the symbolic social and cultural significations that would provide open doors for the audience to read and understand contemporary art.

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Works Exhibited :
Adriana Barreto (b.1949)
Marina RHEINGANTZ (b.1983)
Marina RHEINGANTZ (b.1983)
Marina RHEINGANTZ (b.1983)
Marina RHEINGANTZ (b.1983)
Tian Mansha (b.1963)
Mariana Manhães (b.1977)

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