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"Point at a Deer, Call It a Horse" Zhi Lu Wei Ma
Group Exhibition CUL DE SAC GALLERY, London, U.K.
Date: 03.02, 2013 - 04.21, 2013

Artists: ZHANG Ding 张鼎 | 

'Point at a Deer, call it a Horse.' Zhi Lu Wei Ma
An exhibition of politically charged media art from China. Showcasing influential pioneers of chinese new media art like Zhang Peili one of the founders of the 1985 China New Art Movement also including, Wang Qiang, Cai Yuan and Xi Jianjun and other yong emerging artists working in performance, video and installation. Zhang Ding, Liu Xinyi, Ye Funa, Ren Lili.
Literally translated the idiom which gives the exhibition its title reads 'point at a deer, call it a horse' it means to purposefully misrepresent something, to confuse right and wrong, or distort the facts. It's origin refers to the history of the rebel leader Zhao Gao minister of Qin who in 207BCE tested the court by presenting the emperor with a deer and saying 'This is a horse'.
"Zhi Lu Wei Ma" captures the rapidly changing conflicts between the individual, authority and culture in contemporary China. Making deft use of parody, sarcasm and absurdity, these artists uncover the subversive potential of mass media re-appropriation and test the limits of arts relationship to censorship.

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