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A Yi Cup - Theater Series
Group Exhibition am Art Space, Shanghai
Date: 05.20, 2013 - 06.23, 2013

Artists: SHAO Yi 邵一 |  TANG Maohong 唐茂宏 | 

Launching: May, 21,2013
Opening: 18:00 - 20:00, Jun, 8, 2013

"A Yi Cup" Theater Series is an event of the "Cup play", which initiated by SHAO Yi and TANG Maohong from 2013. As they said, " 'Cup Play' is the scenes of practice for creation happened in various places." “Cup Play” is a long-term activity of different themes collection. In addition to “A Yi Cup”, recently there are four events being planned together.  

At "A Yi Cup" Theater Series, artworks, material and other stuff from the studios of SHAO Yi and TANG Maohong are moved to am art Space. Then, a participant will be invited to tidy them up and confuse them again. Different participants will repeat the process of tidying and confusing. After the exhibition, all the things will be transported to original places.

Because of artists do not set any criteria, participants who have nothing in common could orchestrating their items according to their respective understanding or personal experience. These people become the creators and directly intrude the works. However, artist became the organizer temporarily, instead to the original dominant identity. On the other hand, the live space and final effect totally couldn't be presupposed. It is different with the artist created or the “READY-MADE” be displayed.  

The event from May 21 until the opening on June 8. After the event, works will be moved back to the courtyard Space of ShanghART Gallery Beijing.
We sincerely invite you to visit this event at any time from May 26 to June 23. (Opening at June 8).

What is the “Cup Play”?

"Cup Play" are the scences of creative practice, happening in various places.
"Cup Play" are the activities of different themes.
"Cup Play" is subtitled as "XX Cup" in each work.
"Cup Play" creates physical cups according to different themes.

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周而复始之后-“杯具”系列之“阿姨杯” | ARTFORUM展评

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