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Wang | Youshen , A Double Solo Exhibition
Solo Exhibition Regis Center at the University of Minnesota & Minneapolis Photo Center, U.S.A.
Date: 05.19, 2013 - 06.20, 2013

Artists: WANG Youshen 王友身

Regis Center at the University of Minnesota, U.S.A.
5.21 – 6.20, 2013

WANG • Washing
1989 – 2013
Photo, Water, Developing trays, Clips, Thumbtacks and Threads, Video, etc.
Variable Dimensions

1. The concept of the exhibition is derived from my family name Wang which is also the most common last name shared by 95,000,000 people in the country or is the last name of 21% of the country's total population, according to the most recent official statistics. "Wang" connects kinship, ethnic groups and the cultural context.
2. The purpose of showing the "Washing Series" is to, on one hand, describe the scene of various "Wangs" being washed, and on the other, to demonstrate the "methodology" of the creation of my images.
3. The photos to be washed come from two sources: firstly, photos and materials of my own collection which is composed of the photos shot by myself, my friends, correspondents of the Beijing Youth Daily since 1989, and picture materials I have collected from all kinds of media of various countries in different periods. Secondly, various photos or pictures provided by Minneapolis local volunteers (students of the university or members of the photo center, etc).
4. The initial washing job started in Beijing first, and main washing process will be finished in Minneapolis.
5. There is no limit on the dimension and number of the photos to be washed. We can do further adjustment according to the exhibition space and resolution of pictures.

Minneapolis Photo Center, USA
5.19 – 6.20, 2013

Youshen • Before and After My Grandmother Passed Away
1989 – 2013
Photo, Red lamp, Clips, Threads, Video, etc.
Variable Dimensions

1. The solo exhibition "YOUSHEN" is the co-existence and the counterpart of the solo exhibition "WANG". "YOUSHEN" focuses on private things in life and is monologue on "internal" micro issues.
2. "YOUSHEN" shows a series of 36 photos of Before and After My Grandmother Passed Away created during 1989 – 1994.
3. This exhibition is my practice of the theory "Photography as a Tool", which is also a response to the photo center's attribute.
4. The exhibition space will be transformed to a darkroom, "my grandmother" photos will be dried out on walls.
5. Dimension of each photo is 40cm x 27cm, which could be printed in Minneapolis.

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《WANG》 Regis Center at the University of Minnesota, USA
《YOUSHEN》 Minneapolis Photo Center, USA

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