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See The Light
Group Exhibition Espace Louis Vuitton, Hong Kong
Date: 05.21, 2011 - 10.15, 2011

Artists: JIANG Pengyi 蒋鹏奕 | 

Louis Vuitton proudly presents the latest exhibition at Espoce Louis Vuitton Hong Kong with on astounding disploy of work by 11 renowned artists — See the light.

Light illuminates all our journeys. Not just our physical journeys, but also the emotional, intellectual and imaginary journeys that we can embark on through our experience of art. In this exhibition light is both the medium and the message and all of the artworks are concerned with the dynamics of light and the power of the imagination. The expression "See the Light" also means coming to a realization or an understanding about something and so light can be an evocative symbol of life, salvation, knowledge, clarity, perfection and enlightenment.

Qiu Zhijie uses light to capture time and Kingsley Ng uses it to explore ideas about those things that attract us and those we long to possess. Mop Office and Jiang Pengyi use light to highlight their concerns with the use of space and issues of urbanisation. For them, the lamp of progress invites contemplation of where that development is taking us. The luminous intensity of neon makes it a powerful medium for signage. It is this same property that helps drive the heartfelt text messages of Tracey Emin while Leila Pazooki sets her work to glow and fade as on ironic metaphor for fashion and fame. Stephen Antonakos uses the light cast by neon to suggest a transcendent experience. Alan Chan's series of works are a homage to some of the artists who have inspired him. James Clar and David LaChapelle are both concerned with the physical properties of light and what that illumination may show us while ironically, Tsang Kinwah's insistent text messages are lost in light just as they reach a crescendo.

Neon has for many years been a key part of the visual culture of Hong Kong. In recent years neon is being replaced by LED and now illuminated signs are everywhere, in every district, hanging out over streets and emblazoned across shopfronts. It is a part of the symphony of lights that help to make Hong Kong a unique and special place. Yet for most people in Hong Kong these signs and messages are seen as part of the backdrop to everyday life. Most do not see them as art. The use of light as art in this exhibition may help the people of Hong Kong look at their everyday environment in an entirely new way. It may help them to see art and beauty in their everyday surroundings.

The "See the Light" Exhibition opens on 21 May and continues until October 2011.

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