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The Light That I Feel , SALT outdoor video installation
Solo Exhibition Sandhornøya, Norway
Date: 08.29, 2014 - 09.01, 2015

Artists: YANG Fudong 杨福东

SALT is proud to present Chinese artist Yang Fudong.
SALT is a unique opportunity to showcase cutting-edge art projects by world famous artists, framed by breathtaking Arctic landscapes. On the island of Sandhornøy in northern Norway, where mountain and ocean meet, Chinese artist Yang Fudong creates an exceptional outdoor film installation on a beach.
For thousands of years people have followed the movement of animals and the seasonal rhythms in the Arctic landscape. Footprints are few. SALT is inspired by and moves in that same Arctic landscape with care and respect.

SALT is a unique cultural platform – creative, historical, environmental and communal – that brings together art, architecture, music and food in the Arctic landscape. SALT launches in August 2014, starting out in Norway, before spending the next few years travelling across the northernmost part of our planet, making stops in Greenland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Ireland, Scotland, Spitsbergen, Alaska and Russia. SALT is an ambitious and inspiring concept designed to stir the imagination using the nature and history of the Arctic as the framework for strong arts and cultural experiences.
Yang Fudong, one of China’s best-known contemporary artists and filmmakers, is producing an outdoor, site-specific film installation for the beautiful and ever-changing landscape. His films are mostly black and white, plotless and fragmented, but at the same time hypnotic and epic in expression. “I think about how to tell a narrative by using not people speaking so much, but how the wind tells a narrative, or how trees tell a narrative”, he says. Silence is an important part of his work, inspired by an Eastern tradition where meaning cannot be spoken but is understood by the heart. The films bring together the old and the new, ancient wisdom and landscapes, and the idea of the collective with the more rootless and doubting approach of the urban individual. To describe it he says, “It’s a feeling of yesterday, but it’s actually tomorrow.”
Yang Fudong shows a sensitive and responsive approach in his work; his films touch upon questions around identity connected to history and heritage and the existential challenges of contemporary life. His grand, slow and poetic cinematic language will counter the natural scenery on the Arctic island in an extraordinary way.  
SALT begins its journey upon an Arctic beach on the mountainous island of Sandhornøy in Northern Norway, between 29 August 2014 and 1 September 2015. Here, visitors can discover a place to engage the mind, body and soul. Whether it’s for a day trip, an overnight stay or a lengthier sojourn, SALT presents a continuous arts diary the year round, offering a series of cultural experiences, indoors and outdoors. From site-specific art installations to fireside storytelling, readings, lectures, conferences and debates. From music – including classical and contemporary concerts, club nights, gigs, theatre and experimental performances – to child-friendly events and mediation programmes.

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