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Trace – 2014 Xin Tian Di Contemporary Public Art Exhibition
Group Exhibition Xin Tian Di, Shanghai, South Block & North Block, Main Lobby
Date: 07.10, 2014 - 08.31, 2014

Artists: DING Yi 丁乙 |  SHEN Fan 申凡 |  YANG Zhenzhong 杨振中 | 

Exhibiting Artists: aaajiao Xu Wenkai, Claudio Colucci (Switzerland) , Ding Yi, Pu Shanji (Korea),Shen Fan, Shen Lieyi, Sun Yao, Xiao Min & Gao Shan, Xie Aige, Xie Caomin, Xu Xinwu, Yang Zhenzhong, Zhou Wendou
Curator: Wang Hui
Opening: 2:00 PM 2014.07.10
Exhibition Period: 2014.07.10-2014.08.31
Location: Xin Tian Di South & North Buildings, Main Lobby

“Trace” – 2014 Xin Tian Di contemporary public art exhibition invites fifteen Chinese and international well known artists to show over thirty art works which include paintings, sculptures, installation arts and video projections. Some of the art pieces are specially created for this exhibition. The exhibition is curated by artist Wang Hui. The theme “Trace” is conducted to probe the artists’ sensibilities toward social consciousness, and the exhibition is trying to expand public art to exceed its established physical space and given visual experience. In order to make public art a kind of ordinary state of communication, interactivity between the artwork and the public is emphasized. Through this exhibition, we hope the artwork will bring the Avant-guard spirit into public spaces and will promote Xin Tian Di’s business innovation to the next level. Xin Tian Di now is becoming the brand new stage of contemporary art ecology’s of shanghai.

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