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Ouyang Chun - My Story
Solo Exhibition ShanghART H-Space, Shanghai
Date: 03.08, 2015 - 04.16, 2015

Artists: OUYANG Chun 欧阳春

Above Work: Insistence 180×180cm  Oil on canvas 2009

Opening: Mar-8, 2015,16:00-19:00
Duration: Mar-9, 2015 to Apr-19, 2015
Venue: ShanghART main space&H Space, Building 16&18, No.50 Moganshan Road, Putuo District, Shanghai

Shanghart Gallery Shanghai is pleased to present “My Story”, the first solo exhibition with OUYANG Chun on view at 16&18 Building, 50 Moganshan Rd. from March 8, 2015 to April 19, 2015.
OUYANG Chun is a Chinese artist of 1970s, his works feature independent contemporaneity, various techniques and abundant gradations that refresh the audience’s eyes. The distinctive quality benefits from his manner of practice and the oppositional attitude to the academic education. Escaping from preciosity, OUYANG Chun’s paintings seek to draw stories childishly and unadorned which mirrors his own life experiences and creating style.
Drawing from OUYANG Chun’s own life, the show presents a sequence of emotive pictures of memories and feelings of artist through his paintings on theme of “Me” selected from different periods since 2006. “My Romance” is a section of documentary text of artist which neatly transcribed on the canvas along with the washy gray paint and a lighted candle. Alluding to an experience imprint on the artist’s mind, the text is written devotionally with great respect as if it was a piece of scripture. OUYANG playfully juxtaposes hundreds of daily life scenes on a diptych entitled as “Pulp Fiction” which depicts his past life in Xi’an, the tiled pages unfold a mise en scene of folk life carrying the smell of dust, artist doesn’t shy away from the accessible expression, this kind of self confidence or rather freewheeling attitude is the most attractive feature in his works.
Rendered by the vitality of chromatic colors in the dark gray tone, the works of OUYANG Chun emit passionate emotion. In his memory, the bright light from the out door where he takes the inspiration contrast sharply with the depressed breath in the studio to what he dedicates his life,these two ways of life interwoven as the clues of his career. Ingenuity and maturity emerged subtly on the paintings of OUYANG Chun, any superfluous colors and formalism is sublimated by confessing his life histories what is claimed as “Salute to the era” by the artist.  
OUYANG Chun was born 1974 in Beijing, his solo exhibitions including:Detritus, BANK, Shanghai, China(2014); Child, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China(2012); Reveling In Rambling, Yuz Museum, Jakarta, Indonesia(2012); Painting the King, Belvedere-Upper Belvedere & Augarten Contemporary, Vienna, Austria(2011); Ouyang Chun-Painting the King, me Collectors Room, Berlin, Germany(2010), Work by the artist is represented in museum collections that include Belvedere, Vienna, Austria; Me Collectors Room, Berlin, Germany; Long Museum, Shanghai, China; Power station of Art Shanghai, Shanghai, China; White Rabbit Contemporary Chinese Art Collection, Sydney, Australia.

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