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Liang Shaoji Nature series (Since 1989) | City University of Hong Kong
2022-02-17 16:20

Liang Shaoji was born in Shanghai, China in 1945. He graduated from the affiliated middle school of Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts in 1965 and studied in Varbanov Institute of Tapestry in Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts from 1986 to 1989. Liang Shaoji engaged in the creation of flax-spinning and weaving arts and crafts in the 1960s. This experience cultivated his sensitivity to fiber materials and the habit of hands-on experiments. In the late 1970s, Liang Shaoji transferred to the Overseas Exhibition Office of the Light Industrial Ministry in Beijing and worked there for more than two years. The experience of setting up exhibitions in large spaces prompted the artist the idea of combining sculpture, painting, architecture, and craftsmanship. In 1989, he returned to Taizhou, Zhejiang, and began to patiently observe and familiarize himself with the life cycle and behavioral characteristics of silkworms.

The experience and knowledge accumulated in raising silkworms, watching silkworms, using silkworms as a medium, and long-term on-site operation and breeding allows Liang Shaoji to fully understand the sound, color, shape and taste of silkworms throughout their lives, providing rich nourishment for transforming them into artistic language and expression in his creation and maximizing the use of natural ecology that can be developed into an art. Liang Shaoji has not only used silk for modeling, but also used various sounds, shapes, dynamics, smells, and even excrement throughout the lives of silkworms. Bamboo, wood, water, and clouds related to sericulture have also been included in his creations. He has believed that materials are spiritual, but the spirituality of materials must be explored through experiments and cannot be constrained by preconceptions. Because of his pursuit of conformity to natural rhythms and contingencies, Liang Shaoji's creative cycle is often very long, which lasts for months, years, or even decades. Many works are not completed at once. The artist has also used video in the process of tracking the lives of silkworms, and then developed it into video art, at the same time, he also incorporated performance art and dance and other forms into his creation. For the artist, the sericulture experiment has three meanings: first, it is a way to loosen the bonds of decorative tradition; second, it draws a line between his work and that of silkworm growers; and third, it is a reply to the century of biology.


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