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The Imagery Between Lines and Paper
2024-02-26 14:45

ShanghART Shanghai is delighted to present the group exhibition "The Imagery Between Lines and Paper" from 27 January to 3 March, featuring a selection of paper-based works by 24 artists and artist groups in various styles. Themed "The Imagery Between Lines and Paper", the exhibition invites the audience to enter the six parallel sections via any of the tour routes to explore the rhetorical role of paper as a natural material, a condensed image, or a narrative medium in the artists' practice. Among the diverse forms of the works, “the paper without words” acts as a new visual language, illustrating the artists' uninhibited work that collaborates with paper.

Paper is born from plants, which also gives its unique plasticity — "Wrinkles" emphasizes that paper breaks through its material boundaries with the artists' external force, leading to a new dimension of time and space; "Paper as Plants" makes paper an extension of life in addition to the natural essence in a series of works representing plants. In "Portraying Objects" and "Abstract", the paper condenses the artists' unique visual language, in which the artists capture figures and objects and construct abstract patterns with symbol-based elements. The artists’ fictional pictorial narrative also unfolds on paper — in "Scenarios", the paper is a two-dimensional stage that sets the plots in motion; while in the "Unfinished Tales", the image is extended from photographs to drawing paper, where the artists stretch their imagination by employing approaches of cutting, collage, extension, etc.


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