ShanghART Gallery 香格纳画廊

An Apple
Oil on canvas

Yan Bing's works always integrate personal life experience into the narrative of everyday things. On first sight, the works mostly have traces of rural life in the Northwest of China. However, it is not intended to represent the countryside, nor is it a simple appropriation or representing of ready-made objects, but a transformation of the form and aesthetic reorganization. Therefore, things in his works are always placed in front of the viewer with a notable weight. The artist's gaze brought the viewer into a both familiar and unfamiliar situation, lighting up the memory and complex emotions of mother planting the apple tree, and calling out the huge energy that had been hidden for a long time. Yan Bing constructed a new visual or spatial field by emphasizing the material properties of the material. This distance from reality makes the work itself exude a strong sense of the ritual and the monumental.

Detail pictures: